Services We Offer

At Rise Pest Management, we are beekeepers with an innate sense of awareness and use extreme caution when spraying around pollinating flowers/plants. We safely and responsibly use pesticides to eliminate pests and other invasive species that could cause harm to our health and environment.

Honeybee Cutouts

We will safely remove and relocate honeybees from your home or anywhere on your property.

Mosquito Control

We have a pollinator friendly approach to mosquito control through the use of a system called In2Care.

Interior + Exterior spray

We do thorough interior + exterior sprays to treat for ants, roaches, spiders, and other household pests. We put a lot of focus on the exterior foundational spray so that the interior is not needed as often. All of the chemicals we use are safe for pets & kids after it dries.

Rodent Control

We offer full and comprehensive exclusion services for insect & rodent control.

Wasp nest removal

We will remove yellow-jacket nests, european hornets, bald faced hornets, paper wasps, and more from your home or surrounding areas of your home. For honeybees, we will safely remove & relocate. We do not offer extermination services on honeybee colonies.

Crawlspace Remidiation

We will remove existing insulation and replace with new insulation as well as scrub any areas that have microbial growth.

Vapor Barrier & Dehumidifier Installation

We will remove all existing crawlspace vapor barrier, seal the vents, and install a new dehumidifier

*Installation of electrical outlet for dehumidifier is not included*

WDIR & Termite Treatments

We offer Wood Destroying Insect Reports as well as full liquid termite treatments. We also offer bait stations when a liquid treatment is not applicable.